As a full-service insulation contractor, Snug Planet offers several options:

  • CelluloseCellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper and cardboard, and is treated with boric acid, a mineral-based fire and insect retardant.  Cellulose is the insulation of choice for flat attics and for retrofitting empty wall cavities.  It is also a great product for new construction wall applications, including super-insulated double walls.
  • Closed cell spray foam offers high R value (insulating value) per inch and excellent moisture resistance.  It also seals air leaks as it insulates and conforms to irregular surfaces, making it the insulation of choice for unvented roofs, stone walls, and a range of specialty applications.
  • Open cell spray foam shares many characteristics with closed cell foam but has lower R value and higher vapor permeability.  It is a good choice for new construction walls.
  • Foam board products like DOW Thermax provide excellent R value, moisture resistance, and a neat, finished appearance.  We use them frequently in basements, crawlspaces, and attic kneewalls.

We can work with you to determine which products are best for your application.  Contact us today.


In keeping with our commitments to “Do it right” and “Protect the planet,” we use high-quality insulation materials selected for high performance and reduced environmental impact.  Examples include:

  • All Borate cellulose insulation.  With 85% recycled content, cellulose insulation keeps heat in your house and diverts newspaper and cardboard from landfills.  Unlike lower-quality cellulose products, which may contain ammonium sulfate as fire retardant, All Borate cellulose is not corrosive and does not release ammonia odors if it gets wet.
  • Low-global-warming-potential closed cell foam.  For years, many environmentally-minded builders and homeowners avoided closed cell foam because the blowing agents used were themselves greenhouse gases hundreds of times more potent than carbon dioxide.   Recently, new closed cell foams that use climate-friendly blowing agents have become available, and we’ve switched over enthusiastically.


Even the best insulation products only work well if they’re installed correctly and with attention to detail.  We invest in training our crews and maintaining and calibrating our equipment.  We also check our results with blower door, infrared scanner, and diagnostic smoke to make sure you get the best results.