HeatherBuilding Analyst

After first-hand experience building my own home, I became aware of the significance of designing an energy efficient home, and the long-term investment I was making by considering all of the components I was using to do so. Not only would my investment be saving me money in the long-term, but it was also reducing my carbon footprint. This experience also allowed me the opportunity to have a hands on experience with the basics of building science and design.

This was just the beginning of my journey that led me to this work. I returned to school to finish a degree in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing, and upon finishing my schooling began work with Snug Planet.

My background in customer service has allowed me the opportunity to work with many individuals and families, and has given me a solid foundation of attending to customer’s needs and knowing how to accommodate these needs.

Combining my passion for people and the environment to serve what I feel is a greater purpose, contributes to a greener future and for me, is an ethical choice. My background in customer service alongside my education and building experience led me into this field. Now, after receiving extensive training with Snug Planet, I can confidently enter the field understanding the importance of heating and cooling a healthy home, and understanding how our homes work as a system. I can also say that I know first hand what a well insulated home feels like, and I want my customers to experience this comfortable living too!

I look forward to applying these skills and this knowledge to my daily work! Putting my energy and enthusiasm behind helping families save money while lowering their carbon footprints feels like a day well spent.