Looking for a new or to replace a heating system?  Snug Planet has some great options!  We are happy to talk to you about which makes the most sense for your household.


Mini-Splits: go by many names including mini-split heat pump, split-ductless, split-zoning, and variable refrigerant flow.

Ducted Heat Pump: is the indoor part of an air-conditioning or heat pump system. Like furnaces, they efficiently move air throughout the home.

Heat pumps run on electricity but are more efficient than conventional electric heaters. They can draw heat from the air, even when it’s fairly cold outside. Think of them as a central air conditioner that can run in reverse, supplying hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer. During cold weather, this cycle can be reversed to move this heat into the house. For more information, click here.


A furnace is a forced-air heating system. It burns fossil fuel, such as oil or gas. Inside the furnace, a heat exchanger transfers heat to air and a blower moves the heated air through supply ducts to the rooms of your home. Return ducts deliver room air back to the furnace so it can be reheated and redistributed. Forced-air heating is an affordable heating option and its ductwork can be used for cool air distribution in summer. For more information, click here.


A boiler is a hydro-air heating system. It is gas- or oil-fired boiler heats water that is pumped through a heat exchanger or coil mounted in your ductwork. When air passes through the coil, it heats up before being distributed throughout the home. The boiler in a hydro-air system often does double duty, heating water for washing as well as for heating. This eliminates the need for a separate water heater. For more information, click here.

Contact us today.  We’d be happy to work with you to determine which heating system is best for your home.