A boiler is a combustion appliance designed to heat water. Boilers used in home heating systems are likely to be the hot water type, not steam. Like furnaces, heat pumps and other HVAC components, boilers are described according to size, efficiency and the type of combustion or venting. Most residential boilers are designed to burn oil, propane or natural gas. A boiler can supply hot water just for whole-house heating; or it can supply hot water for heating as well as for washing.


An old oil-fired boiler may only be functioning at 65% efficiency or less. A newer replacement oil-fired boiler can operate above 85% efficiency, lower your oil bill and save you money.

A gas boiler can be adapted to burn natural gas or propane gas. A new gas boiler is available that operate at 90% efficiency or more.

The boiler pictured is a combination (combi) boiler, which is a great option to conserve space for a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler.

We’d love to talk to you to figure out if a boiler system is a good choice for your home. They are ideal for replacing existing units or for new construction. It is a more energy-efficient way to heat water, which at Snug Planet is part of our mission. Contact us today to set up an appointment!